Archos Android 2.2 Tablets Deliver Diverse Models, Features

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Archos Android 2.2 Tablets Deliver Diverse Models, Features

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Archos 28

Archos envisions its 2.8-inch screen Archos 28 device as a mini multimedia player for MP3s. The WiFi connected-device supports the most popular audio and video formats. The device ships this month for $99.99 with 4GB of storage.

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Archos 28 Good for E-Mail

Users will log in using one or several e-mail accounts and the Android e-mail application will handle all accounts.

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Archos 32

Like the Archos 28, the 32 is quite the mini music player, but it uses a 3.2-inch screen and boasts more storage. The Archos 32 costs $149.99 for 8GB of memory and ships later this month.

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Video Camera

The A32 tablet also includes a camcorder for video and photos. Users can upload videos and pictures to the Web or share via social networks.

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Archos 43

For $199.99 with 8GB of memory later this fall, the Archos 43 is like a large smartphone, employing a 4.3-inch screen and weighing 4.6 ounces. The gadget offers HD video playback, HD camcorder, apps, e-mail and full Internet browsing.

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Stand, Screen on Archos 43

Like the HTC Evo 4G, the Archos 43 has a leg stand to prop up the device for easy video consumption. Also, check out the 854 x 480 pixel, high-resolution display.

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Archos 70

The Archos 70, coming this fall in $274.99 (8GB) and $349.99 (250GB) flavors, almost doubles the screen size of the 43 with 7 inches of high-resolution real estate.

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Gaming, TV

The Archos 70 displays every Android screen on a user's wide screen TV, allowing users to browse files or the Internet from the couch. 3D gaming is also a joy with this tablet.

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Archos 101

The high end of Archos' tablet line is the 10.1-inch touch screen Archos 101, arriving this fall. This big screen device (big for a tablet) only weighs 16.9 ounces. This device will cost $299.99 (8GB) and $349.99 (16GB) when it lands this fall.

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Archos lets users connect their mobile phone with 3.5 G and Bluetooth technology to the Archos 101 tablet via Bluetooth or USB cable to let users access the Web.

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