Belkin to Launch Cable-Free USB Hub

In mid-December, Belkin will release a cable-free USB hub that will allow users to be connected from anywhere in a room.

Belkin International announced Dec. 4 that, by mid-December, it will be launching a cable-free USB hub, which will let users complete an array of computer tasks from anywhere in a room theyre in.

The Belkin Cable-Free USB Hub, the newest hardware from the provider of seamless electronics, will feature UWB (Ultra-Wideband) technology along with the Wisair chip set, which will enable the hub to provide users with ways to print, play music, scan, download photos and burn CDs from anywhere in their room.

The Cable-Free USB Hub, as the name implies, will help reduce cable clutter by allowing desktop computer users to place their USB devices anywhere in a room without having to run long cables.

With the Cable-Free USB Hub, laptop users will be able to navigate the room theyre in wirelessly while still being able to have access to their immobile USB devices.

The hub will be able to connect USB printers, cameras, scanners and other devices to a users computer wirelessly, from up to 30 feet away.

The product also will feature a four-port hub, which will enable users to wirelessly connect up to four high- or low-speed devices to a computer.

The Belkin Cable-Free USB Hub will be available in mid-December for $199.99.


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