Bluetooth Camera Phone, Meet Bluetooth-Enabled Printer

If your Bluetooth-enabled camera phone is full of snapshots you'd rather see in print, a Bluetooth-enabled printer can set them free. (

Lets say youre out on the street, and you find yourself in the midst of a scene that you just have to capture on (digital) film.

Do you stop and dig around in your bag for your camera? Do you even have your camera with you? Maybe not. But you do have your camera phone. So you snap the picture with your mobile, and there it is. In your phone.

Whats the next step? You can beam it to a friends phone. You can download it to a computer. And now that phone companies and printer manufacturers are embracing the world of Bluetooth, you can make a quick, easy, good-looking print.

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Although camera companies are quick to tout the high pixel counts of their latest offerings, the truth is that you dont really need a 10-megapixel SLR for quick snapshots, even if you plan to print your pictures.

In fact, you can make a high-quality 4 by 6 print with only 2 megapixels. Two! And now that phone companies are installing higher-quality cameras in their products, 2-megapixel camera phones arent that difficult to find.

Printer manufacturers are also savvy to the upswing in camera-phone photography. In response, many have integrated Bluetooth technology into their machines.

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