Comdex Fall 2002

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Comdex Fall 2002

Comdex producers delayed the start of Bill Gates keynote address Sunday night in order to give people a chance to fill the stands, but to no avail. Unlike days gone by, a noticeable handful of seats were left vacant by the time the Microsoft chairman too

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Comdex Fall 2002 - ViewSonic\s Forthcoming Smart Display

One product that created a buzz at the show, and was demonstrated by Gates Sunday night, was a forthcoming wireless desktop flat panel display from ViewSonic called the Smart Display. Due next year, the display will let users detach it from its desktop ba

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Comdex Fall 2002 - Smart Display in Full Desktop Regalia

A look at ViewSonics forthcoming Smart Display wireless flat panel in full desktop regalia.

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Comdex Fall 2002 - CTX 17-inch S730

ViewSonic was but one of a handful of manufacturers showing new displays. This 17-inch S730 from CTX International carries an estimated street price of $473.

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Comdex Fall 2002 - CTX PS-5140 Digital Projector

In addition to the S730 and other LCDs, CTX released its PS-5140 digital projector that displays images at up to 200 inches and up to 27.3 feet away. The device carries an estimated street price of $1,559.

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Comdex Fall 2002 - BenQ\s SRS Flat Panel

BenQ Inc., formerly Acer Peripherals, was on hand in a big way at Comdex with one of the largest booths on the show floor. Actually, it was about the same size as fellow Taiwan company, CMC Magnetics Corp.—HUGE. BenQ used the show to tout its own LCD

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Comdex Fall 2002 - BenQ PDA In the Works

BenQ also showcased a sleek new PDA under development.

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Comdex Fall 2002 - A Look at the Crowds

If youve never been to Comdex, this is what its like—times 10.

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