Compuware to Unveil Itanium Debugging Tool

Compuware will debut the debugging and error prevention tool at the Intel Developer conference in San Jose, Calif.

Compuware Corp. on Tuesday will announce the availability of its new debugging and error prevention tool for the Intel Itanium family.

The tool, DevPartner64, will enable developers using Windows XP 64-Bit Edition on the Intel Itanium processor family to more quickly develop high-quality applications and drivers and improve time-to-market of 64-bit software, said Peter Varhol, DevPartner product manager for the Farmington Hills, Mich.-based software company.

Varhol said DevPartner64 is based on Compuwares existing SoftICE debugger and BoundsChecker error detection tool for 32-bit systems.

DevPartner64 includes a 64-bit version of Compuware SoftICE, known as SoftICE64, a system debugger that provides developers with a view of all data and instructions generated by Windows XP 64-Bit Edition, Varhol said. The technology is targeted at application and device driver developers and can assist them in identifying and analyzing all kinds of errors including inappropriate pointer references and invalid data, Varhol said.

Meanwhile, DevPartner64 also features Compuware BoundsChecker, an automatic error detection tool that enables C++ developers to identify and diagnose memory leaks, buffer overruns, pointer errors, improper API usage and a wide range of other programming errors, Varhol said.

"In making the decision to go forward with the work on this product, we identified three challenges: producing more reliable, high performing 64-bit software; deliver reliable device drivers; and rapidly become knowledgeable about 64-bit development," Varhol said.

Compuware will make its announcement at the Intel Developer conference going on this week in San Jose, Calif.

"Software applications requiring the memory, scalability and reliability that the Itanium processor family offers can also take advantage of a complete debugging solution that helps them develop 64-bit software quickly," said Mike Graf, Intel Itanium processor family marketing manager, in a statement. "Compuware DevPartner64 is a great example of a comprehensive error detection and debugging tool that can accelerate a developers time-to-market to take advantage of the transition to Itanium-based solutions."

DevPartner64 will be available Tuesday for $1,999 per seat, the company said.

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