Daily Video: Intel CEO Rebuts Rumors Apple Will Turn to ARM for Macs

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich is denying rumors that Apple will soon replace Intel chips with its own ARM-based processors for its Macintosh PCs. Apple makes its own ARM-based processors for iPhones and iPads, but has been using Intel chips for Macs since 2006.

Moving the Macs to a new architecture would offer a host of challenges, but it would bring all of Apple's products onto the same architecture and give Apple greater control over the processor technology. However, Krzanich told CNBC he was confident Apple would keep its Macs running on Intel.

HTC's One M8 smartphone will reportedly be replaced with the new M9 edition in March, while the company is also planning the release of its first smartwatch aimed at consumers.

The new smartphone, code-named the M9, will be updated with a better built-in 20MP rear camera and improved audio capabilities. The new HTC smartwatch, meanwhile, is expected to be able to link with Under Armour's fitness service, Bloomberg reported, under an agreement the two companies recently reached.

Canonical, the lead commercial sponsor behind the open-source Ubuntu Linux operating system, is getting into the embedded device market in a bid to help secure the Internet of things.

Canonical is positioning Ubuntu to be relevant for embedded devices and IoT by taking advantage of the Snappy Ubuntu Core technology. Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth explained that with Snappy, updates can be delivered as smaller, more efficient transactional updates.

ShoreTel executives said the company is just months away from launching its long-awaited common communications platform, designed to enable customers to access the same services via the cloud or on-premises technology to embrace a true hybrid Universal Communications environment.

Mark Roberts, ShoreTel's chief marketing officer, explained that shifting to a hybrid environment will be important to businesses since workforces are becoming more mobile and employees are bringing their own devices into the work environment.

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