Dell Brings Studio One 19 Desktop to U.S., Europe

The Dell Studio One 19, an all-in-one desktop with Apple iMac-ish looks, is now available in the United States and Europe. Created for families, its optional feature, multi-touch, is perhaps its most interesting, allowing users to interact directly with its 19-inch screen. Users can also choose between Intel processors and Nvidia graphics cards.

Dell is making its Studio One 19 desktop available to customers in the United States and Europe on April 28. The all-in-one computer had originally been released Japan in March.
Studio One 19 nods to the stylings of the Apple iMac, with all its components fitted inside a slim, high-definition screen on brushed-aluminum legs. An on-screen "carousel" application feature is also reminiscent of Apple's application dock, but the carousel, using Studio One 19's perhaps most braggable (though optional) feature-multi-touch-can be spun with the flick of a finger.
Dell designed the Studio One 19 with families in mind. It comes in white, red, blue, pink and charcoal, and Dell envisions it on a kitchen counter or in a living room, being used by multiple members of a family, and its looks and features speak to this.
The desktop has a 19-inch (diagonal) screen and several applications made for use with multi-touch. The way touch-screen users have become accustomed to dragging and arranging items with their fingers-and iPhone users are now used to "pinching" or drawing apart their fingers to minimize or enlarge items-so can users interact with Dell applications on-screen, making music playlists, creating photo slide shows, taking notes or browsing the Web.
Dell has also teamed with software maker Cozi to feature the Cozi Family Organizer on both the touch and non-touch versions. With Cozi, calendar information or grocery lists, for example, can be e-mailed to family members or texted to their phones.
Pricing for Studio One 19 begins at $699. Processor options include the Intel Celeron, Dual Core Celeron, Pentium Dual Core, Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Quad Core. For integrated graphics, users can choose from the Nvidia GeForce 9200 or GeForce 9400.
A slot-loaded optical drive is to the right of the screen, and the desktop includes a 7-in-1 media card reader, six USB ports, a 2.1 audio output plus headphone and microphone ports, a hard drive of up to 750GB and up to 4GB of dual-channel memory.
In addition to the multi-touch capability, Blu-ray disc, integrated wireless, a Web cam and facial recognition security are also optional.
Studio One 19 measures 22 by 15.5 by 3.2 inches and weighs 22.7 pounds.