Dell Teases Adamo XPS Laptop on '09-09-09'

Dell offers a quick sneak peek at its upcoming Adamo laptop on Sept. 9, or 09-09-09. Little is known about the new Adamo laptop, but the new material from Dell indicates the notebook will be thinner than the first Adamo machine, released in March.

It took a once-in-a-lifetime day-09-09-09-for Dell to make some noise about its latest Adamo laptop.

On Sept. 9, Dell posted a picture on its Website of the upcoming Adamo laptop, which appears to go by the name Dell Adamo XPS. There is no other information about the Adamo laptop on the Website, although Dell does ask for a name and e-mail address for those who want future information about the notebook.

Anyone interested in seeing the concept picture on Dell's site can click here.

Along with the special Website and photo, Dell sent out a message indicating that the new Adamo will be thinner than its predecessor, which the company first teased at the CES expo in Las Vegas and officially released in March.

For images of the first Dell Adamo laptop, click here.

Dell says this latest Adamo laptop will bring down the thickness to 9.99 millimeters.

"9/9/09 comes only once and today Dell is offering a glimpse of its highly stylized, thin 9.99-mm Adamo By Dell concept that's as beautiful as today's date is unique," said Dell's press material. "In March, Dell introduced the Adamo By Dell brand and Adamo laptop as the pinnacle of craftsmanship and design. Derived from the Latin word meaning 'to fall in love with,' the Adamo laptop is the world's thinnest, and today's concept shows Dell's commitment to taking that to the next level."

In March, Dell released the original, 13-inch Adamo laptop, which weighed 4 pounds and measured 0.65 inches thick.

The Adamo laptop was seen as a competitor to the Apple MacBook Air. The 13-inch MacBook Air is 0.76 inches thick and weighs about 3 pounds. The fact that Dell teased the new Adamo on the same day that Apple CEO Steve Jobs returned to the public stage to talk about new iPod and iTunes offerings seems to show Dell still wants to challenge Apple head-on.

With the release of Adamo and the sophisticated marketing campaign the company built around it, Dell also seemed eager to show it was more than just a low-cost PC maker and its engineers could dip into their toolbox and create a more elegant laptop for a high-end consumer market.