Dell to Expand Corel Palette

Corel's word-processing package and spreadsheet application will be bundled on select models of Dell computers.

Dell Computer Corp. will expand its use of Canadian-based software maker Corel Corporations productivity solutions in its computer product lines.

Corel said this week that its word-processing package, WordPerfect 10, and spreadsheet application, Quattro Pro 10, would now be included as part of the WordPerfect Productivity Pack bundled on select models of the Dell Dimension and Dell Inspiron computer product lines.

WordPerfect 10 and Quattro Pro 10 will be pre-loaded on the recently announced Dimension 2300 desktops and on the Inspiron 2600 notebook computer, both of which will be available in North America starting in September, the Ottawa-based software company said.

WordPerfect 10 and Quattro Pro 10 are now available on the Dell SmartStep 200N and 250N notebook computers.

"Our customers are always looking for new tools to help make their computing experience easy and productive. Having Corels products on some of our select desktops and notebooks means more choice, and that, in turn, is a win for our customers," said Lory Pilchik, Dells director of transactional marketing.

Steve Houck, executive vice president of strategic relations at Corel, said these latest bundling initiatives mean Dell is putting Corels productivity solutions in the hands of more than one million new customers.

Earlier this month Corel also announced that from Aug. 1 to Oct. 31, customers who currently own Microsoft Enterprise Agreements could deploy its WordPerfect 10 word-processing application for a free trial .

The move was designed to lure away those Microsoft customers unhappy with the Redmond, Wash., companys latest Licensing 6 and Software Assurance program .