Dell Vostro All-In-One Desktop Expands Small Business PC Lineup

The latest addition to the Dell Vostro line is the All-In-One desktop. It offers a range of Intel processors and focuses on the unique needs of small businesses, including saving space, saving dollars and minimizing the need for IT support.

Dell has extended its Vostro line, designed for small businesses, with the introduction of the All-In-One, the line's first all-in-one desktop computer.
The desktop offers a range of Intel processors, including Celeron, Pentium, Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Quad chips. Additionally, it can be paired with a VESA flexible mount, which, according to Dell, can reclaim approximately 79 percent of a customer's desk space. Out of the box, the space savings is estimated at 44 percent.
"Small businesses are a set of customers that have fallen through the cracks," said Kirk Schell, director of Dell's Vostro product group, who says the research his team does focuses on the challenges that are unique to this customer set.
"We asked them, -Do cords get in your way? Is this something you'd invest in?' And more than 60 percent said 'yes'," said Schell. An all-in-one form factor, he explained to eWEEK, "was much cleaner, and when they were facing customers, they weren't so bogged down with all the junk on their desks."
Beyond reclaiming desk space - an important theme Schell encountered in his research, particularly outside the United States, where he said office spaces can be very limited - budgets are another challenge for this group. Consequently, in designing the Vostro All-In-One, scalability was a focus, as was configurability.
Still another small business need is an easy setup. "They often don't have tech support," said Schell. "Literally, you pull [the All-In-One] out of the box and it's ready to go. We're trying with every one of our products to shorten the time from order to productivity."
Display sizes are available at 17, 18.5 and 19 inches. The Vostro All-In-One runs a choice of Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic or Business, or Linux Ubuntu. Memory options run up to 2GB of 800MHz DDR2, integrated graphics are from Intel, an optical drive is optional, and connectivity includes integrated 10/100/1000 gigabit Ethernet, RJ45 and optional 802.11b/g Wi-Fi.
The desktop Energy Star 5.0 compliant, depending on the configuration weighs between 14.3 and 17.6 pounds and comes with Dell's Backup and Recovery manager for simplified data protection. The dedicated support team, according to a Dell statement, are specially trained small business experts.
The Vostro All-In-One is now available in Asia-Pacific and Japan. In North America, it will be available for ordering beginning Aug. 11, and in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, availability will begin Aug. 23. Pricing begins at $629.
On July 1, the Dell 1220, a 12-inch business laptop, also joined the Vostro line.