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"I think now were on a very firm footing in terms of new technology [and] competitive pricing," Rollins said. The companies current relations are "good, if not better than weve had in the past."

But Dell Rollins also pledged to offer customers the best technology available.

Thats one reason Dell chose to being pre-installing Google search software on its PCs, Rollins said. He indicated Dell could offer more Google-ware over time.

"If you ask customers what theyre using and what they want, its Google," he said.

Although he was less clear on whether Dell will use Tulsa, a forthcoming dual-core Xeon MP chip, designed for the multiprocessor server space. Dell will offer its AMD Opteron servers in that space.

"Our strategy is pretty clear. That is well utilize the greatest and best technology anywhere," he said. "As Intel comes out with Woodcrest and then quad core later this year…I have no doubt well use those products, because customers want them."

However, Rollins didnt mention Tulsa by name in his response.

"Whether its Intels products or whether its AMDs products our commitment is to give customers the very best when they need it," he said.

Despite all of its efforts, some analysts have still expressed concerns about Dells direct-sales business model and the models ability to maintain momentum in maturing markets such as the United States and Europe or to tap emerging markets in geographies such as Asia.

Rollins countered by saying that not only did Dell continued to grow in Western Europe, a market where sales slowed in the first quarter, it sees many opportunities in emerging markets such as China and India.

The Dell model "has not proven to be a barrier anywhere, really because we dont focus on first time consumers first.

"The first-time consumer is the last customer we go for" when entering new markets. Plenty of opportunity exists in other segments, such as starting with multinational businesses, Rollins said.

"Theres not much to not like about China right now," he said, when describing the market opportunity and Dells team of employees there.

Dells management team—described as a team of business athletes by Rollins—might have slipped up earlier this year. But it has set out to right the company, he said.

"They are winning junkies. They dont like to do anything but win," Rollins said. "When theyre not winning every game, theyre not happy campers."

Rollins, too, remains in the game, he said.

"Yes. I am" in it for the long run, he said.


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