Dell XPS 13

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Dell XPS 13

The Dell XPS 13 is one of the nicest Ultrabooks available today. The device is ultra-thin and comes with a 13-inch screen. Customers can choose between an Intel Core i5 processor or an Intel Core i7 chip. In either case, they're getting quite a bit for a starting price of $1,000.

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HP Envy Spectre XT Ultrabook

Like the Dell XPS 13, the HP Envy Spectre XT delivers the thin mobility customers have come to expect from Ultrabooks. In addition, the Spectre XT offers an outstanding metal design and its 13.3-inch display is a nice size for such a small device. The Ultrabook starts at $1,000.

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Lenovo IdeaPad U410 Ultrabook

Lenovo's IdeaPad U410 Ultrabook has found a way to bridge the gap between consumers who want highly mobile devices and the enterprise customer who wants a Lenovo product. The PC comes with the customer's choice of an Intel Core i5 or i7 processor, and has a 14-inch screen. The cheapest option will run customers $779, but a high-end model will set folks back $1,200.

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Acer Aspire S3 Ultrabook

The Acer Aspire S3 Ultrabook has been around for some time, but the device is still one of the standouts in the marketplace. The computer comes with a thin, 0.51-inch frame and a design that will impress just about anyone. And thanks to the Intel Core i7 processor, it should deliver enough power for consumers and enterprise users, alike. The high-end model with the i7 processor ships for $1,300.

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Apple MacBook Pro With Retina Display

Apple's MacBook Pro with Retina display is one of the most sought-after products available today. The device is extremely thin, like the MacBook Air, but comes with a high-end 15.4-inch Retina screen. As nice as it is, though, be aware that prices start at $2,199 with just 256GB of flash storage.

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Alienware X51

Alienware, which Dell now owns, delivers the high-end features today’s consumers expect. The so-called "mini desktop" comes with Intel's Core i5 or i7 processors, as well as up to 2TB of storage. With support for a Blu-ray reader and an enhanced graphics card, the computer's starting price of $699 makes it suitable for customization and use for gaming or other specialized applications.

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HP Envy 23

The HP Envy 23 gets its name from its integrated 23-inch display. The PC derives its appeal from its fully integrated all-in-one concept, allowing customers to save room. An all-in-one puts the computing components behind a display. HP added a wireless mouse and keyboard to make its PC even more clutter-conscious. With only the Intel Core i5 and Windows 7 Home Premium available, the Envy 23 isn't the most powerful computer in this roundup, but at $879.99, it's one of the most affordably priced.

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Lenovo IdeaCentre A720

Although Lenovo is best known for its enterprise laptops, the company is also selling a really nice desktop, called the IdeaCentre A720. The all-in-one PC comes with the Intel Core i7 processor and a 2GB dedicated graphics card. The screen is a 27-inch anti-glare multi-touch display with a full HD resolution. The IdeaCentre even comes with a TV tuner for recording shows. Not bad for $1,949.

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Velocity Micro Vector Z35

Velocity Micro is one of those companies that doesn't get the kind of attention it should. The boutique PC maker is delivering some of the best desktops on the market, and the $1,844 Vector Z35 might just be one of them. The device comes with a really great box design, as well as a 3.6GHz Intel Core i7 processor, a 1GB AMD video card, and 8GB of onboard memory. Simply put, the Z35 is a strong contender in the current PC market.

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Acer Predator G3

The Acer Predator G3 is one of the better-looking devices in this roundup. But the beauty isn't just skin deep. The desktop comes standard with the Intel Core i7 processor, as well as up to 16GB of RAM and a 2TB hard drive. Acer's Predator G3 even supports high-definition audio. Not bad for a computer that tops out at $1,200.

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