eWEEK Labs at Demo: The Touch Book

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eWEEK Labs at Demo: The Touch Book

by Jim Rapoza

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Deceiving Look

In its default configuration, the Touch Book looks like a standard generic netbook.

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However, users of the Touch Book can easily detach the main display and system guts from the keyboard.

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Now a Touch-Pad

Separated from its keyboard, the Touch Book becomes a well-designed touch-pad.

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The Keyboard-Now What?

Once detached, it's not clear what one would do with the keyboard without risking damage to it.

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Multiple Uses

The Touch Book in pad form can be moved around and used in multiple ways. As with the Apple iPhone, the screen display reacts to changes in its position.

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Custom Linux

The Touch Book runs a custom version of Linux, but can run other operating systems.

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The Insides

The insides of the Touch Book, which are an open design specification, include an ARM processor and places to plug in USB storage and devices internally as well as externally.

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V Stand Form

The Touch Book can be used in multiple configurations, including this V stand form, ideal for watching videos.

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