eWEEK Labs Finds the Best of Demo 09

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eWEEK Labs Finds the Best of Demo 09

by Jim Rapoza

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Avaak Vue

Avaak Vue is a powerful and easy-to-deploy video monitoring system for the home or office.

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Always Innovating Touch Book

The Touch Book, by Always Innovating, is one of the more innovative netbook designs to date, combining the features of a netbook and a touch-pad.

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Xandros Presto

Xandros Presto is a simple application that, when installed on Windows systems, makes it possible to quickly (in seconds) boot to a small operating system useful for surfing the Web, chatting with friends, editing documents and watching media.

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Citrix GoView

Citrix GoView makes it simple to record any Windows-based application session, record a voice-over and post it online for sharing with co-workers and clients.

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Transformyx RallyPoint

Transformyx RallyPoint uses a mix of management technologies to help businesses affected by disaster and other major events manage their personnel and projects as people become displaced from central corporate offices.

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Evri is a semantic Web-based service that can be installed on sites to automatically pull in links and other information relevant to the content being viewed on the Web site.

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Purewire is a security Web service that alerts users to both Web sites and users of social networks and other services that may not be trustworthy.

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Cc:betty is a simple Web-based application that takes any e-mail conversation and creates a Web space that centralizes all content associated with that e-mail thread, whether it's images, videos, links or documents.

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AppZero is designed to make it easier for businesses to take their enterprise applications and convert them for use in the cloud.

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With easily the most energetic presentation of the bunch, Skout seems like a silly product for flirting via cell phones. But if it catches on with the under-30 set, it could end up being the best-known application from Demo 09.