Exclusive Intel Product Roadmap Details

Special Report: We've got the explosive details about all of Intel's CPU and chipset plans for the next two years. Today: kiss the CPU pins goodbye, a "NewCard" slot for wireless and how Centrino will over-power PIII-M.

Oh boy, do we ever have the goods on Intel.

Our crack reporter, Mark Hachman, got his hands on some killer information – basically Intels entire roadmap for the next few years.

Its way too much for just one article, so weve got him slaving over the keyboard, banging out the information as fast as he can.

Tomorrow well lay out more on Intels mobile, desktop and server roadmap. Today, weve got detailed looks at three upcoming projects that should change desktop and mobile computing over the next year or so.

Secret Centrino Features: Up first, our exclusive look at four hidden features inside the Banias, or Centrino processor that will allow it to deliver better battery life than the Pentium III-M. These features, which include device performance state monitoring and an optimized LCD inverter are part of the "Enhanced Battery Life Initiative."

Pinless Tejas: Intels follow-on to Prescott, the Pentium 4 variant detailed at this years IDF, is due out in the second half of 2004. It includes a breakthrough feature: no pins. CPU upgrades should be significantly easier, given the new waffle design, and bent pins will become just a bad memory. Weve even got pictures of how itll work!

Grantsdale Chipset: PCI Express will finally arrive in the fall of 2004 when Intel releases its Grantsdale chipset. Not only do we have details about other innovations, including a new graphics core, and the "NewCard" expansion format for wireless, weve even tracked down where the codename actually comes from (think big sky country). Note to home builders: this may mean redesigning your PC from scratch!.

Make sure you stop by ExtremeTech tomorrow, as we continue our exclusive look at Intels future product plans.

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