Fujitsu Lifebook Business Laptops Offer Intel Ivy Bridge Chips

Fujitsu has introduced three new Lifebook notebooks that run Intel Ivy Bridge processors and offer business users a variety of options, from Smart Card slots to fingerprint readers and a hard-drive Shock Sensor.

Fujitsu is following up its Lifebook Ultrabook introduction with a trio of commercial notebooks, also running third-generation Intel Core i5 or i7 processors. Ranging from full-size to subcompact, these laptops are meant for a variety of business users, from those behind reception desks to mobile workers in offices and those who frequently jetset. All three notebooks offer pricing that starts below $1,000, and all are available immediately.

As with the Ultrabook, Fujitsu is putting an emphasis on the €œbuilt to order€ nature of these machines, which allow businesses to €œdesign systems that meet their exact requirements for maximum productivity,€ Paul Moore, Fujitsu vice president of PC product marketing and management, said in a June 19 statement.

Users can, for example, choose a solid-state drive cache or SSDs with Intel Rapid Start Technology. All three also offer the ability to have the optical drive removed, to lighten a user€™s bag while travelling, or to install a second battery, bringing use time up to 15.5 hours.

Working down in size, the new Lifebooks include the 15.6-inch E752, a desktop replacement that Fujitsu imagines in libraries or schools or other high-use scenarios, and so offers it with an anti-microbial keyboard. Options also include a full HD display with a resolution of 1920 by 1080 and a separate 10-key keypad.

Pricing begins at $879.

A 14-inch Lifebook S762 weighs 5.4 pounds and can be fitted with an Intel Core vPro processor, WWAN support, a second battery and an LED backlit HD display. Like the E752, it can support up to three active displays.

Pricing here begins at $899.

Finally, weighing in at 3.7 pounds is the 13.3-inch S762. This travelers€™ delight features a magnesium-alloy cover, a hard-drive shock sensor, WWAN support, a high-definition WXGA LED backlit display, and if you so choose, an Nvidia GeForce GT 640M LE with Nvidia Optimus technology for extending battery life. Pricing begins at $999.

All three new Lifebooks feature a Webcam LED indicator, to make clear when the camera is on. The E752 and S752 have the option of a dedicated Smart Card slot, while the E752 and S752 have the option of a Trusted Platform Module; on the S762, the TPM comes standard.

With all of the above, users can opt for a biometric fingerprint sensor€”hard-disk drive (HDD) and BIOS password protection come standard€”Security Panel and Computrace support, a spill-resistant keyboard, Fujitsu€™s Shock Sensor hard-drive protection, and modular bay and port replicator support.

In a highly competitive market, Fujitsu€™s business case is an emphasis on quality, reliability and an understanding of how vertical products are used, says Moore.

€œWhen you have a government contractor, for example [that has very specific needs], there are all kinds of things the typical manufacturer [isn€™t familiar with] but that we face every day,€ Moore told eWEEK before the Ultrabook launch. Other manufacturers, he added, aren€™t equipped to do the €œhand-holding€ that Fujitsu does, customizing devices to its customers€™ needs.

Along with the 13.3- and 14-inch Ultrabooks Fujitsu introduced June 5, it also refreshed another desktop replacement.

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