Fujitsu LifeBook UH900 Ultraportable Offers Windows 7, Atom Chip

The Fujitsu LifeBook UH900 Ultraportable weighs in at just a pound but offers Windows 7, an Intel Atom processor, 3.5G connectivity, a 62GB solid-state drive and a multitouch display.

Fujitsu introduced the LifeBook UH900, a teeny but not insubstantial ultraportable, on Dec. 2.
Sized between a smartphone and a netbook, the UH900 features a 5.6-inch sunlight-readable, WXGA display with multitouch capabilities and 500 nits of brightness. And handbag-portable, it measures 8 by 4.2 by 0.9 inches and weighs approximately 1 pound.
The operating system is Microsoft's Windows 7, which has touch-integrated features surely meant to complement the UH900's navigation scheme - the multitouch screen, plus five thumb-controlled "Touch Buttons" and what Fujitsu describes as a "thumb-glide point," that in combination with the Touch Buttons are meant to replace any need for a mouse.
Three of the Touch Buttons can be programmed to launch favorite applications, a fourth controls screen resolution and the fifth, an "ECO button," can be programmed, Fujitsu said in a statement, for "extending battery life up to 3 hours or to launch media programs..." The intention is for a user to interact with the UH900 as though it were a handheld. For more precise input, a stylus pen is also included.
The processor is an Intel Atom Z530 and, as the UH900 is meant to be used on the go, it offers connectivity to 3.5G networks.
(In the U.S., T-Mobile has rolled out a trial 3.5G in Philadelphia, with plans to expand it in 2010. Based on HSPA+ technology, speeds are said to rival some claimed by early 4G providers of WiMAX and LTE.)
The UH900 also comes with Bluetooth, a Web cam, a stereo microphone and a 62GB solid-state drive.
"Always in the forefront of delivering the latest technology coupled with stylish design and user-friendly features, Fujitsu has answered to the needs of today's consumers for ultra-mobile computing gadgets that exude convenience and style with the new LifeBook UH900," said Raymond Foo, Fujitsu's associate vice president of product marketing and engineering, in a statement.
"Meticulously engineered and thoughtfully designed, the UH900 raises the bar in addressing the demanding needs of being constantly on the move."
The browser on the UH900 can support full-width Web page views, as well as Windows-based pages that include Flash animation. Included ThinkFree Mobile software allows users to access and edit Word documents, slide presentations and spreadsheets, according to Fujitsu - which presumably means PowerPoint and Excel documents.
Currently available in the Asia-Pacific region, the UH900 is rimmed in silver and comes in a choice of Mocha Black, Fiery Red and Vintage Gold. Pricing details were not announced.