HP Mini 100e Netbook Is Durable, Simple, Classroom-Ready

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HP Mini 100e Netbook Is Durable, Simple, Classroom-Ready

by Michelle Maisto

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HP Mini 100e

The HP Mini 100e Education Edition is a clamshell-style netbook with a sturdy handle and a kid-manageable weight of 3.19 pounds. Its default color is white.

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The Mini 100e can be customized, however, with colors, school logos, you name it. While this example celebrates the 2010 World Cup, HP is quick to note that it has no relationship with FIFA—it's just digging on those colors.

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Customization Options

Options for customization extend to the front cover as well. Notice in the far corner that the custom exterior is applied below the HP logo.

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Mic and Headphones

The Mini 100e—in addition to a Kensington lock slot, Ethernet, a firewire port and an SD card slot—includes separate microphone and headphone jacks, so it can easily connect to other devices. A VGA Webcam is reportedly paired with technology to enhance sound quality and reduce echo.

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Metal Alloy Hinges

For extra durability, the Mini 100e is built with metal alloy hinges and steel pin axles. Which means it should survive a few falls from desktop heights.

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Smaller Keyboard

The Mini 100e's 10.1-inch LED-backlit WSVGA display is paired with a keyboard that's 92 percent of full size—a good fit for little fingers. Texture on the touchpad is presumably helpful for new users.

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