HP Omni, TouchSmart 310, TouchSmart tm2 Unveiled

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HP Omni, TouchSmart 310, TouchSmart tm2 Unveiled

by Nicholas Kolakowski

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HP Omni 100

The HP Omni 100 all-in-one includes a 20-inch HD display and up to1TB of storage.

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MediaSmart Software

HP installed its MediaSmart software on the Omni 100, a platformfor managing photos, video and music.

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HP TouchSmart 310

The HP TouchSmart 310 has a 20-inch display, built-in wireless LAN,Webcam and an optional TV tuner.

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2TB of Storage

The HP TouchSmart 310 is capable of up to 2TB of storage, andfeatures the latest version of HP's TouchSmart software, which featuresa "carousel view" where users can drag and pin multimedia applicationson a touch-scrolling background.

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TouchSmart tm2

The convertible HP TouchSmart tm2 notebook includes a twisting,multitouch 12.1-inch screen, a choice of either Intel Core i3 or i5processors and AMD Mobility Radeon HD 5450 switchable graphics.

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Long Battery Life

The HP TouchSmart tm2 can run for 6.5 hours on its 6-cell batteryand features a mobile version of the company's TouchSmart software.

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HP envisions a number of games that leverage its devices'touch-screen interface.

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Running Windows 7

The Omni 100 running Windows 7.

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Health Care Apps

Other (more serious) apps from HP's partners focus on areas such ashealth care IT.

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Social Networking

HP apps include a built-for-touch Facebook application as well asprograms from Twitter, Hulu and Netflix.

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