HP, Tabblo Release Web-to-Print Toolkit

Web developers increasingly have print on their minds.

As part of its Print 2.0 initiative to make printing from the Web more convenient, Hewlett-Packard announced the availability of a beta version of its Tabblo Print Toolkit, to help developers design sites with print in mind.

The Tabblo Print Toolkit aids developers in designing sites that translate seamlessly to a printed page.

PointerHP Touts Web 2.0 Printing Strategy. Click here to read more.

The toolkit uses four components to integrate site design and print compatibility:

  • Recipes, which are JavaScript that identify the content on the page that should be printed
  • Harvester, which is a JavaScript library that brings in content from the developers site.
  • Templates, which are layouts created to give developers a quality printed version of their web pages content
  • Layout Engine, which allows users to combine their content with templates to help generate printed pages.

HP acquired Tabblo in March.

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