Hybrid Notebooks, Laptops, Tablets Headline Early CES 2018 Tech Intros

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Hybrid Notebooks, Laptops, Tablets Headline Early CES 2018 Tech Intros

The parade of new notebooks, laptops, tablets and televisions started days before the CES exhibition floor opened, led by some of the biggest names in the PC business. Dell and Lenovo all showcased new Windows 10 computers that offer more power and better designs Samsung and LG stunned home entertainment industry watchers with 8K televisions, rollable screens and enormous displays.  This eWEEK slide show will cover some of the more significant product announcements that started circulating well before the tech exhibition halls opened Jan. 9.

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HP Shows Off Stylus-Friendly Envy X2 Notebook

HP kicked off CES with several computer announcements, all headlined by the HP Envy X2 hybrid notebook. The device is a detachable hybrid that works with a stylus for users to digitally write on the screen. The computer can connect to the Web over 4G LTE and has a 12.3-inch display protected by scratch resistant Corning Gorilla Glass 4. It will deliver up to 16.5 hours of battery life when it hits store shelves in the spring.

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Johnson Controls Unveils First Cortana-Driven Smart Thermostat

Johnson Controls made the surprising announcement ahead of CES of a smart thermostat powered by Microsoft’s virtual personal assistant Cortana and Windows 10. The thermostat has an OLED screen and can adapt to the user’s schedule like Google’s Nest. Cortana carries out voice commands “Cortana, set the temperature to 70 degrees.” Johnson Controls will begin taking pre-orders in March.

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Samsung Updates Windows 10 Hybrid

Samsung’s Spin line of hybrids got a refresh ahead of CES. The latest, called the Notebook 7 Spin, runs on the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. It has a 360-degree rotating touchscreen and supports Active Pen for digital stylus support. The device runs on Intel’s Core i5 processor and promises all-day battery life. It’ll be available in the first quarter.

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Dell Unveils the Ultra-Thin XPS 13 Laptop

Dell’s highly popular XPS 13 line has been updated with features that could make it even more appealing to consumers and enterprise users. The device, which has a 13-inch screen, is 30 percent thinner than the previous model at 3.4mm. It also weighs just 2.7 pounds. The machine runs on Intel’s 8th generation Quad Core processor and has an Ultra HD display. Dell Says it will deliver 19 hours of battery life on a single charge. It’s available now.

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Lenovo Rolls Out Hybrid Tablet 10

Lenovo has unveiled a new detachable tablet that can double as a notebook. The device, called the Lenovo Tablet 10, has a 10-inch screen. It’s powered by Intel’s Celeron N series processor and has a fingerprint reader and Trusted Platform Module for additional security. According to Lenovo, the computer is ideal for use in healthcare and retail settings. It’s launching in March.

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LG Introduces First-Ever 88-Inch 8K TV

Although 4K content is far from ubiquitous, ahead of CES LG introduced a new 88-inch 8K OLED television. The television displays a whopping 33 million pixels—16 times more than a 1080p, Full-HD set. It will also have infinite contrast ratio, thanks to OLED. There’s no word yet on when the television will launch, but expect it to be wildly expensive when it arrives.

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Roll-Up TV Is Another LG First

LG unveiled the world’s first 65-inch roll-up television. The television offers 4K resolution and sits inside a case about the size of a sound bar. When it’s in use, the television looks like any other. But when users turn it off, the screen rolls up like a poster and rests inside the base. Better yet, it’s thin enough to allow owners to carry it around the house. LG has yet to announce pricing and availability.

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Look at That Samsung Wall

Not to be outdone, Samsung’s television division got into the CES announcement craze with a 146-inch modular television it’s calling “The Wall.” The television uses self-emitting MicroLED technology, which means it doesn’t require a backlight to create an image. The MicroLEDs also serve as their own light source and are much smaller than LEDs. Samsung says The Wall can be used both in the home and in the office for entertainment of business purposes

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HP Unveils a New 3D Camera

In a nod to corporate users, HP has unveiled the new Sprout 3D Camera that captures and digitizes 3D objects, 2D documents and live videos, according to the company. The camera connects to any monitor to display the images. Users can place objects on a pad underneath the camera and the Sprout will capture that, interpret it and remaster it on the monitor. HP says the feature could be used in a variety of settings and might play a major role in virtual reality applications. HP didn’t announce availability.

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Samsung Flip Part of the ‘Workplace of the Future’

Samsung at CES offered a glimpse at its view of the “Workplace of the Future” with the new Samsung Flip. The device is essentially a digital flip chart that allows users to write on it as if they’re writing on a typical paper flip board. Instead, the Flip, which sits on wheels so it can be carted around the office, is digital and allows for easy sharing, annotation, and other interaction during brainstorming sessions. Samsung Flip can also connect to WiFi networks, has USB ports, and can be used in concert with PCs and mobile devices. Samsung says the Flip will be available soon.

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Lenovo Introducing Multiple ThinkPad Notebooks at CES 2018

Lenovo plans to make big news at CES 2018 in Las Vegas by updating multiple ThinkPad notebook models and introducing a new Tablet.