IBM Introduces On-Demand Apps

IBM Global Services will host business software from HRsmart, Intacct, Employease and Onyx.

IBM announced Friday the first set of e-business on-demand applications for mid-sized business customers, offering accounting, human resources and customer relationship management software over the Internet.

The applications, from HRsmart, Intacct, Employease and Onyx, will be hosted by IBM Global Services and offer a lower, variable price cost structure, according to IBM officials in Armonk, N.Y.

HRsmart provides talent management applications for online recruiting and applicant tracking. The applications are built on IBMs Linux Virtual Services, a Linux-based application environment hosted on IBMs zSeries. hardware. Intacct provides accounting software for core applications the likes of general ledger and accounts receivable, with custom modules for auditing and consolidation.

Onyx offers marketing and sales force automation software for mid-sized businesses. Employease provides human resources and benefits software that automates administrative tasks and HR professionals with employees, managers and external service providers like insurance companies and payroll vendors.

IBM is targeting the mid-market on the basis that it is more difficult for small and medium-size businesses to maintain the skills and keep pace with technology changes.

The on-demand operating environment, put forth by IBM in late October, has four characteristics: integrated systems, open standards software, virtualized software that allows more efficient use of IT resources, and autonomic or self-managing systems.

With an on-demand computing infrastructure provided by IBM companies will have the ability to respond speedily to any customer demand, market opportunity or external threat, IBM says.

Applications from HRsmart, Intacct and Onyx are available now through IBMs data centers in the U.S.

Applications from Employease will be available during the first quarter of next year.