IDF 2006

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IDF 2006

Alienware will install the quad-core Intel chip into its Area 51 desktop line.

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IDF 2006 - Alienware\s Area 51 desktop (side view)

This sleek, black Area 51 7500-R3 model looks quite like the beings made famous in the movie Alien.

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IDF 2006 - Dell's XPS Special Edition desktop (front view)

Dell's XPS Special Edition desktop comes with a 2.5mm-thick aluminum case and fire-engine red front grill.

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IDF 2006 - Dell's XPS Special Edition desktop (side view)

The XPS Special Edition desktop will offer the Intel quad QX6700 chip along with Nvidia SLI graphics and physics accelerator chip.

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IDF 2006 - Dell Precision 690

The Dell Precision 690 shows that quad-core chips aren't just for gamers. The desktop workstation incorporates Intel's quad-core Xeon 5300 for jobs such as content creation.

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IDF 2006 - Dell's PowerEdge 2950

Dell's PowerEdge 2950 boasts Intel's quad-core Xeon 5300 to give rack-mount server buyers the power of four.

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IDF 2006 - Gateway FX

Gateway will launch a new Gateway FX line. Its FX 350 desktop will come with the Core 2 Extreme QX6700, Intel's 975X chip set and ATI Technologies' ATI Radeon CrossFire graphics.

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IDF 2006 - Voodoo PC's Omen Extreme Gamer i:121

Voodoo PC's Omen Extreme Gamer i:121 desktop features Intel's Core 2 Extreme Quad-Core QX6700, water cooling and CrossFire graphics.

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IDF 2006

Intel CTO of Flash Memory Ed Doller holds the first wafer of phase change memory (PCM) chips, which has just been overnighted to him from semiconductor maker STMicroelectronics in Agrate, Italy. Intel believes that PCM will be the next phase in the non-vo

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IDF 2006 - A New Platform?

Intel and Motion Computing are working together on a mobile clinical assisant to be released early next year.

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IDF 2006

The mobile clinical assistant is designed to be liberally doused with disinfectant and capable of withstanding being dropped.

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IDF 2006

This small, brightly colored prototype Dual Core 2 notebook weighs only 2.5 pounds and is rugged enough to be dropped from a height of 3 feet and not break. It is a full-featured Windows machine designed for one-on-one learning that can slip into a child

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