Improvements and Tweaks

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Improvements and Tweaks

Mozilla's latest browser includes more than 1,000 improvements and performance enhancements. That being said, the actual user interface doesn't vary much from Firefox 4.

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Mozilla is betting on the user appeal of add-ons that adjust Firefox's look and functionality.

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Awesome Bar

Firefox's "Awesome Bar" includes an autocomplete function that tries to match half-typed words with possible finishers in your browser history, bookmarked Websites and open tabs. It's designed to adjust over time to your behavior.

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Zooming In/Out

Hitting "Ctrl+" and "Ctrl-" will expand (or shrink) browser text and images.

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Do Not Track

Mozilla is placing heavy emphasis on its "Do Not Track" privacy feature, which it hopes will attract users increasingly leery of the Web's rampant data mining.

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Private Browsing

Here is a look at Firefox's Private Browsing function.

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Firefox for Android

Firefox for Android, available via the Android Market, offers various features, such as the Awesome Bar, in a mobile package.

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Mobile Do Not Track

Here is the mobile version of "Do Not Track."

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Mobile Tabbed Browsing

Firefox's mobile tabbed browsing at work. Given the rising popularity of devices such as smartphones, browsers have little choice but to seed their mobile products with as many desktop-style features as possible.??í

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Starting with Firefox 4, Mozilla began offering Firefox Sync, which synchronizes user data and passwords between Firefox and Firefox Mobile.

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