Intel Cranks Xeon Quad-core Processor up to 3GHz

Intel is giving its Xeon 5300 series a faster server processor and adding a second quad-core model with a 50watt thermal power envelope.

Intel is ramping up its latest quad-core processor to 3.0GHz.

Starting Aug. 13, the chip giant will begin offering a new quad-core Xeon processor, the X5365, which will have a top clock speed of 3.0GHz, a total of 8MB of Level 2 cache and 1333MHz FSB (front side bus). In addition, the new processor fits within a 120-watt thermal envelope.

Previously, Intels fastest quad-core processor, the Xeon X5355, topped out at 2.66GHz. The company offers a number of older, dual-core models that run at greater than 3.0GHz, including the Xeon 5080, which clocks in at 3.73GHz.

On July 16, Intel began offering a quad-core desktop model, the Core 2 Extreme QX6850, also with a clock speed of 3.0GHz.


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Intel will also offer a second quad-core Xeon processor, the L5335, which works within a 50-watt power envelope. That chip has a clock speed of 2.0GHz along with 8MB of L2 cache and a 1333MHz FSB. Intel, which has been shipping quad-core processors since November, now has 15 different models for PCs and servers.

When the two chips go on sale Aug. 13, the Xeon X5365 will sell for $1,172 per 1,000 units shipped, while the L5335 will sell for $380 per 1,000 units shipped. In addition to faster clock speeds, the two chips will also offer new Intel Virtualization Technology that better supports the 32-bit version of the Microsoft Windows operating system.

Intels next significant initiative will be the official launch of its "Caneland" platform for the multiprocessor server space. The company has already begun shipping those processors and the chip sets to its partners.

After that release, the company will switch gears and begin releasing the first of its "Penryn" family of processors, which will be manufactured using the companys new 45-nanometer process. Intel, based in Santa Clara, Calif., has already announced that some of the processors in this new line for desktops and servers will reach 3.0GHz.

Advanced Micro Devices is also expected to begin releasing its quad-core Opteron processor later in August. An official launch now appears ready for September.

AMDs quad-core chip, known as "Barcelona," is expected to compete with Intels Caneland platform in the multiprocessor space as well as give the company a chance to show that its processor technology can compete with Intels numerous quad-core offerings.


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