Intel Names Otellini as President, COO

Intel veteran Paul Otellini was promoted to the newly-created post Wednesday, placing him next in line for the CEO job.

Intel Corp. named veteran Paul Otellini to the newly-created post of president on Wednesday, placing him next in line for the CEO spot.

"Its part of the normal succession planning," an Intel spokesman said. "Before Barrett became CEO (in 1998), he held the title of president and chief operating officer." Otellini, 51, will join chief executive officer Craig Barrett in a two-person Executive Office, the Santa Clara,Calif.-based chip firm said. Otellini will be responsible for overseeing Intels internal operations, focusing on the development and delivery of new products and technologies, and the efficiency and productivity of the companys business. Corporate strategy and long-range planning will continue to be led by Barrett, who formerly held the title of president.

"As Intels silicon products span beyond PCs and servers to communications, the job of keeping Intel at the competitive forefront with customers, the industry and government, and in internal operations has grown," Barrett said in a statement. "The breadth and depth of Pauls experience certainly qualify him to take responsibility for Intels internal operational excellence." Since 1998, Otellini served as executive vice president and general manager of the Intel Architecture Group, responsible for the companys $21 billion microprocessor and chipset businesses. He served as executive vice president of Sales and Marketing from 1992 to 1998. Since joining Intel in 1974, he has held a number of other positions, including general manager of the companys Peripheral Components Operation and of the Folsom Microcomputer Division. He was assistant to then-Intel President Andrew S. Grove in 1989, and became general manager of the Microprocessor Products Group in 1990, leading the introduction of the Pentium microprocessor in 1993.