Intel to Fix Wi-Fi Driver Memory Glitch

A flaw in the company's routine patch update that led to application slowdowns will soon be fixed, Intel says.

Intel has announced plans to issue an update to fix a flaw related to its ProSet software Version 10.5, which accompanies the drivers that run the companys wireless system on PCs.

The problem, according to an Intel spokesperson, was that the one of the processes used by the software was not releasing the file handles correctly, which resulted in memory being eaten up and applications slowing down.

The fix to this problem should be listed on the companys Web site by Aug. 25.

On Aug. 2, Intel, based in Santa Clara, Calif., issued its regular update for its Centrino chip bundle to provide patches for three security vulnerabilities.

The most serious of the three could have allowed an attacker to execute code remotely on a laptop.

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Although that update fixed the security problems, it also caused the flaw that led to the PC slowdown.

The problem has been discussed on a number of security sites and blogs.

"It was found after it was released," said Amy Martin, the Intel spokesperson. "We are on track to fix it."

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