iPhone 5 Hardware: 10 Design Ideas to Catch Smartphone Buyers' Eyes

NEWS ANALYSIS: There is a good chance that Apple will introduce the iPhone 5 next month. If it does, there are some basic features in the design of the smartphone’s case and its external look and feel that are essential to keep it on the cutting edge.

Apple€™s iPhone 5 is on the minds of current handset owners. The device, which could be introduced as early as next month, could set off yet another rapid round of smartphone upgrades among Apple fans who always opt for the latest model available. A solid design, some nice software enhancements and improved internal components will do the trick. Another nominal upgrade, like that which came in the iPhone 4S, won€™t.

There has already been a lot of speculation and discussion of about what sort of components should be built into the iPhone 5. For the most part, correctly guessing what features will eventually show up in the device isn€™t all that tough. But predicting the look and feel of the smartphone€™s case, however, is far more difficult.

Apple historically has been very conservative in changing the overall look and feel of the iPhone. But there are certain features that would help keep this popular unit on the cutting edge. And it would be awfully nice if Apple delivered on those hopes.

Read on to find out what would be really nice to see in Apple€™s iPhone 5:

1. A slimmer body

According to some reports, Apple€™s iPhone 5 will be quite a bit slimmer than the iPhone 4S. One of the more recent reports say that the thickness could be up to 20 percent less than the iPhone 4S. That would be awfully nice. A slimmer body makes for a lighter, more mobile device. And that€™s what everyone wants nowadays.

2. The same old width

The last thing Apple should do is make the iPhone 5 any wider than it is right now. With the current design, Apple€™s handset is narrow enough to fit easily into a pocket or purse. If it gets any wider, it might start to get a bit unwieldy and that will hurt the mobility factor that has been one of its best features.

3. Gorilla Glass is a must

According to several reports, Apple will deliver Gorilla Glass 2 to the iPhone 5. If so, that would mean that if users drop the device, the chances of it actually breaking would be far lower than in the iPhone 4S. That will be appreciated by anyone who has shattered the iPhone€™s glass screen cover.

4. The long-rumored Liquidmetal

Liquidmetal might just be one of the most desirable features for the iPhone 5. Liquidmetal, which actually isn€™t liquid at all, is a mixture of titanium, copper, nickel, and many other metals. It€™s designed to make the iPhone€™s case resistant to scratches, corrosion and other damage that can turn a smartphone into waste. It would be a great addition to the iPhone 5.

Don Reisinger

Don Reisinger

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