JetBrains Delivers ReSharper 6 for .NET Developers

JetBrains releases its ReSharper 6 product, which boosts productivity for Microsoft Visual Studio developers, adding new Web-development capabilities.

JetBrains has announced the availability of ReSharper 6, a new version of the toolmaker's developer-productivity extension for Visual Studio.

Delivering increased support for Web developers, ReSharper 6 introduces rich toolsets for JavaScript, CSS, and the ASP.NET MVC 3 Razor view engine. These toolsets include code quality analysis, powerful navigation, advanced reference finder, extended IntelliSense, code formatting and naming-style control.

Yet, ReSharper 6 is not only about Web development. The new version introduces decompiling functionality inside Visual Studio. It adds VB.NET code analysis and brings multiple new code inspections to prevent runtime bugs in C# code. ReSharper 6 also extends and streamlines navigation and search, makes available new refactorings and code transformations, and raises the level of XAML (Extensible Application Markup Language) and unit testing support, JetBrains said.

"We've supported three huge Web-development technologies and made a host of improvements that are relevant to any .NET developer-all in just more than a year. We're proud of that," said Ilya Ryzhenkov, product manager for ReSharper, said in a statement. "Continuing the recent tradition of cutting-edge releases by JetBrains, ReSharper 6 once again sets the bar high for all developer-productivity tools around."

Other new features in ReSharper 6 include a bundled decompiler, support for transforming Microsoft's Language Integrated Query to loops, and auto-importing namespaces on pasting code among other things.

In a blog post on ReSharper 6, Hadi Hadiri, a developer at JetBrains, said the new capabilities in the technology make "ReSharper 6 and Visual Studio one of the best environments today for developing Web applications."

Hadiri also added, "Built on the philosophy of external sources, ReSharper 6 facilitates navigation of source code, whether it belongs to our solution, the .NET framework or any third-party library. We also announced the availability of a new free standalone decompiler tool, which is currently in Early Access Program."

To learn more about ReSharper 6 and try the software free for 30 days, click here.