Kodak Launches Latest Digital Color Printing System

Kodak's Versamark VX5000e digital color printing system provides enhanced color printing capabilities, more images per minute, and clearer images and text.

Kodak is looking to help businesses that need a lot of color printing done quickly.

Kodak on June 7 released its Versamark VX5000e Printing System, which provides print providers and in-house operations with a digital color printing system that is capable of producing high-volume applications and documents such as transactional documents, bills, statements, direct mail, books as well as a variety of print on-demand outputs.

Designed for companies that produce loads of variable data printing applications every day, the VX5000e, an addition to Kodaks V-Series, features an enhanced resolution of 300 by 1,200 dpi (dots per inch), giving users color images that are clear and sharp while enabling them to print up to 1,432 images per minute for U.S. letter size documents.

"The increase in resolution makes the VX5000e allow for greater quality output," said IDC analyst Riley McNulty. "This in turn will help to drive the images that the printer produces while also helping to expand the applications the device can be used for."

"The Versamark VX5000e System enables customers to print a wide variety of applications on a full-color production system with unlimited variable content that makes the output documents a more effective marketing tool," said Ronen Cohen, vice president of ink-jet printing solutions at the Kodak Graphic Communications Group, in Rochester, N.Y.

The latest printing system from Kodak also provides companies with a low total cost of printing by using continuous ink-jet technology.

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"With continuous ink-jet technology, the ink that is not needed for an image is recycled, therefore lowering consumable costs," Cohen said.

Kodaks VX5000e is available with Kodaks Versamark CS600 System Controller, which provides the machine with an architecture that enables users to produce complex documents at high speeds in various printing environments, as well as Kodaks CS400 System Controller, which supports up to 16 print heads and prints at speeds of up to 1,000 fpm (feet per minute).

The VX5000e also features speeds of up to 328 fpm as well as a smaller drop size, which results in reduced ink consumption.

Though other companies such as IBM and Screen USA have entered the market with high-speed ink-jet devices, McNulty said Kodak is well ahead of the game.

"This type of device will impact the continuous form production printer market going forward," he said.

The Versamark VX500e Printing System is available now with a variety of finishing and workflow options.

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