Laptop Lineup

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Laptop Lineup

3/12/2001: IBMs ThinkPad TransNote combined a laptop PC with an electronic notepad in a unique folderlike form factor for a fresh take on clamshell laptop design. However the rel

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Laptop Lineup - PowerBook G4

4/2/2001: When Apple released the PowerBook G4, Labs opined that the new computer redefined how a notebook computer should look and feel. In eWEEK Labs' tests, the 500MHz PowerPC-

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Laptop Lineup - Toshiba Port- 3500

11/7/02: When Microsoft officially launched Windows XP Tablet Edition, dozens of hardware and software providers lined up to support the new operating system, which eliminated m

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Laptop Lineup - PowerBook G4, 12- and 17-inch Models

2/24/2003- Almost two years after the first PowerBook G4, Apple introduced smaller and larger 12-inch and 17-inch models. The 12-inch model we tested shipped with a

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Laptop Lineup - Fujitsu LifeBook S2000 and P5010D

5/5/2003- Fujitsu Harnesses Athlon XP-M Fujitsu PC is now shipping notebooks armed with the mobile Advanced Micro Devices Athlon XP-M processor. Based on eWEEK Lab

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Laptop Lineup - Sharp Actius MM10

5/23/2003: Though Sharp Electronics 2.1-pound Actius MM10 was one of the lightest and most pleasant-to-tote notebooks eWEEK Labs has ever reviewed, this great portability came

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Laptop Lineup - Acer TravelMate 290LMI

8/11/2003: Usually, $1,500 wouldnt buy much in terms of desktop replacements, but in 2003, that sum would get you on the Intel Centrino bandwagon-and more-with Acers TravelMate 29

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Laptop Lineup - ThinkPad T41 and ThinkPad R50

11/3/2003: Any device designed for portability is bound to suffer some drops and bumps along the way. The ThinkPad T41 and ThinkPad R50 came equipped with what IBM called the wo

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Laptop Lineup - ThinkPad X41

7/18/2005: The Thinkpad X41 Tablet, Lenovo's first mobile computing release after buying IBMs PC division, was machine enough to persuade skeptical IT managers to take the tabl

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Laptop Lineup - Core Duo Laptops

4/10/2006: Intels Core Duo dual-core processors brought on a number of improvements to business laptops, including more processing power and battery life. Among the machines to

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Laptop Lineup - Vaio SZ160

5/12/2006: When money is no object, Sonys Vaio laptops are hard to beat, and the Vaio SZ160 was no exception. Armed with Intels Core Duo dual-core processors, the Vaio SZ160

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Laptop Lineup - Compaq nx6325

7/17/2006: As the first business laptop to feature AMDs 64-bit Turion 64 X2 mobile CPU, Hewlett-Packards HP Compaq nx6325 offers road warriors performance at a lower price tha

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Laptop Lineup - Tecra M7

10/12/2006: Toshibas Tecra M7 is for users who want a good notebook system with some tablet functionality. Weighing in at almost 6 pounds and sporting a 14.1-inch widescreen di

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Laptop Lineup - Gateway M285-E

10/12/2006: With a 14-inch widescreen display, a full-sized keyboard and the latest Intel processor, Gateways M285-E Tablet PC is a machine for users who dont want to make sac

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Laptop Lineup - Toshiba Port- R400

1/10/2007: With Apple MacBook-like looks, a fantastic widescreen display and exceptional portability, Toshibas Port- R400 is the most groundbreaking Tablet PC eWEEK Labs has tested.

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Laptop Lineup - The Lenovo ThinkPad T61

5/11/2007: The Lenovo ThinkPad T61 boasts Intels latest Centrino technology, formerly known as Santa Rosa. The Core 2 Duo T7300-based T61 offers robust wireless support, tight security and plenty of power. The ThinkPad T61 is currently the

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