Lenovo Aims for Enterprise<br /> with 5 Energy-Efficient PCs

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Lenovo Aims for Enterprise<br /> with 5 Energy-Efficient PCs

by Michelle Maisto

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M90z All-In-One

The Lenovo ThinkCentre M90z features a 23-inch display with the option of touch sensitivity, a choice of Intel Core i3 or i5 processors, DDR3 memory, Windows 7, WiFi and Bluetooth, and a selection of hard drives or solid-state drives.

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M90z All-In-One

The M90z can be used with or without a wireless keyboard and mouse. Users can also choose to hang it on a wall or arm mount, or prop its slim frame on an adjustable desktop stand. Pricing starts at $899.

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ThinkVision L2321x Wide Monitor

The 23-inch ThinkVision L2321x Wide monitor includes a "duo" feature, enabling it to work in split-screen mode. Pricing will begin at $279.

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Lenovo L2230x Wide

The L2230x Wide is a 21.5-inch ultraportable companion. An Ethernet cable can be plugged in directly, and all peripherals can be connected to the monitor with just a USB cord. Pricing begins at $259.

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ThinkStation C20

The Lenovo ThinkStation C20 is made for finance traders and others who put a premium on space. Up to 16 monitors can run on the C20, which features a tri-channel cooling system. Pricing starts at $1,199.

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ThinkStation C20x

Like the C20, the C20x offers a choice of Intel Xeon processors. Uniquely, it offers native SAS support and up to 12 DIMM slots. Pricing is yet to be announced, though both new ThinkStations will go on sale in mid-June.

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