Lenovo Introducing Multiple ThinkPad Notebooks at CES 2018

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Lenovo Introducing Multiple ThinkPad Notebooks at CES 2018

Lenovo on Jan. 4 announced updates to a variety of its ThinkPad notebook models, including the T-Series, X-Series, and L-Series. The updates include improved designs with heavy reliance on the latest Intel Core processors. The new lineup includes a variety of hybrid devices giving buyers a choice of high portable devices that can serve as tablets as well as notebooks. But Lenovo didn’t stop there. It’s also introducing a new full-featured tablet for business buyers as well as a new ThinkPad docking station that works with multiple ThinkPad notebook models. For business buyers or consumers with generous budgets, Lenovo is also offering the new 4K ThinkVision P32u monitor with the hefty price of $1,349. The new ThinkPads will headline Lenovo’s product announcements at CES 2018 Jan 8-12. The details on the new ThinkPads are in this eWEEK slide show.

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Lenovo Updating L, T and X Series ThinkPads

Lenovo announced several updates to its top ThinkPad lines, including the T, X, and L series. These models are designed for business and professional users as well as power users willing to spend extra to get plenty of computing power in highly-portable notebooks.

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All-New Designs Across the Board

Lenovo noted in a statement on Jan. 4 that it is expanding and enhancing its ThinkPad portfolio. While some of the machines received design tweaks, the biggest changes came to their footprints, which have been streamlined to be thinner and lighter.

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Intel’s 8th-Generation Core Processors Power These ThinkPads

The 8th-generation Intel Core line of processors powers the ThinkPads. Lenovo didn’t announce specific information about the processors in its blog post, but did say that the computers will offer improved performance over last year’s models. In higher-end computers like the ThinkPad L580, Lenovo chose AMD processors for high-end graphics support.

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Lenovo’s Latest ThinkPad Lineup Includes Plenty of Hybrids

Lenovo’s new ThinkPad series shows the company sees significant value in hybrid notebooks. The new ThinkPad X and L series include multiple hybrid models of various. Lenovo has even includes hybrid tablet in the lineup with a detachable screen that can be used as a tablet or a notebook.

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ThinkPad X Is Thin, Light and Tough

So, what’s new in the ThinkPad X? According to Lenovo, the X280 notebook is 20 percent lighter and 15 percent thinner than previous models. It’s also been hardened with military-grade specifications to safeguard it from a fall. The ThinkPad X380 comes with the same military-grade protection but has a hybrid design. It’s also compatible with Lenovo’s Active Pen stylus and Windows Hello for facial recognition. The X280 will start at $999 and the X380 Yoga will cost customers $1,459 to start. They’ll launch in January.

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Lenovo Boost Performance of ThinkPad L Series Notebooks

Lenovo has announced updates for its ThinkPad T480, T480S, and T580. All of the models come with Intel’s 8th-generation processors and have everything from IR cameras to fingerprint readers to improve security. The T480s is the lightest of the bunch and starts at $1,269. The T480 starts at $989 and the T580 will cost customers $1,079 to start. All three models will begin shipping in January.

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ThinkPad L Offers Versatility, Value

Lenovo announced four new Lenovo L series models, including the L380, L380 Yoga, L480, and L580. The computers come with the option to upgrade their screens to a multi-touch display and are available in a variety of screen sizes, ranging from 13 to 15 inches, depending on the model. The ThinkPad L580 can be configured with a discrete AMD graphics chip. All four models will be available starting in February. The L380 Yoga, a hybrid, will start at $549. Starting prices on the L380, L480, and L580 will be $449, $779, and $769, respectively.

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The Lineup Includes the New Lenovo Tablet 10

The Lenovo Tablet 10 is a detachable hybrid, unlike the other hybrids in this roundup that come with hinged designs. The tablet will be powered by Intel’s Celeron N Series processors and come with a fingerprint reader and Trusted Platform Module for enhanced security. The Tablet 10 will come with a rechargeable stylus and provide nine hours of battery life. While Lenovo said the tablet 10 will hit store shelves in January, it’s yet to announce pricing.

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New Docking Station Combines Security and Compatibility

The new ThinkPad Ultra Docking Station is designed for users to plug in their 12-, 14-, and 15-inch ThinkPad notebooks and take advantage of key lock security and versatile charging features. It comes with different power adapter sizes so users can quickly recharge various ThinkPad models while they are docked. The ThinkPad Ultra Docking Station prices will start at $199 when it launches in January.

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New Monitors Round Out Lenovo’s CES Product Lineup

Not to be outdone, Lenovo also spent some time on monitors with its latest announcement. The ThinkVision X24 is just 4mm thick and has thin bezels all around the screen. It also has a wide viewing angle and a 96 percent color gamut for accurate color depiction. The ThinkVision P32u is a 4K monitor with Thunderbolt 3 ports. The ThinkVision X25 will cost customers $249 when it ships in January, making it far more affordable than the $1,349 ThinkVision P32u hitting store shelves in March.

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