Lenovo Offers Battery Replacement for Specific ThinkPad Laptops

Lenovo is offering to replace some low-functioning batteries that made it into particular ThinkPad models. There's no fear of fire or safety issues, Lenovo asserts. However, there is some hassle for customers.

The batteries in a few Lenovo ThinkPad laptop models aren't holding their own, and now the company is offering to replace them.
The batteries, which were included in models that shipped worldwide, don't present a fire or safety hazard. The issue isn't a safety recall, Lenovo emphasizes-just a bit of a hassle.
"Irreparable damage" and "battery cannot be charged" error messages from the Power Manager or Message Center are indicators that you may have a bum battery. Low battery capacity, short battery run time and sudden drops in the battery fuel gauge are also indicators.
Lenovo reports that the affected models are ThinkPad R60, R61, T60 and T61 with battery FRU part numbers 42T4546, 42T4566 and 92P1141, and models X60 and X61, with battery part numbers 42T4550, 42T4567, 42T4568, 92P1169, 92P1173, 93P5028 and 93P5030.
Owners of these models are encouraged to run a Battery Diagnostic Tool, provided on the Lenovo Website, which will say for certain whether a battery is eligible for a replacement and, if it is, offer information about where to request one.
Among the latest additions to Lenovo's ThinkPad line is the ThinkPad T400, an enterprise-class thin-and-light laptop with an Intel Core 2 Duo processor.