Lenovo Packs AMD Turion, Athlon Chips into New PCs

Lenovo offered select details on three new PCs it'll roll out this spring. Designed for consumers, the Lenovo G455 and G555 notebooks and the C315 all-in-one desktop will support the latest AMD Turion and Athlon processors and ATI graphics.

Lenovo introduced on Feb. 11 three new PCs: the Lenovo G455 and G555 notebooks and the C315 all-in-one desktop, which add to the company's family of consumer-oriented PCs.
All three PCs are based on either Advanced Micro Devices' Turion or Athlon processor. All three also include ATI graphics and Lenovo applications for do-it-yourself data rescue and energy savings.
"Our new G series notebooks and C series all-in-one desktop are designed for users who want a simple but powerful computing experience without any headaches," said Dion Weisler, Lenovo vice president of business operations, in a statement. "By working closely with AMD engineers and leveraging AMD advanced technologies, we have created products that offer superior performance in the areas of graphics and power efficiency at an affordable price point."
Lenovo did not release specific details for the new PCs, but the company describes the displays on the notebooks as being widescreen and high definition and offering 16:9 aspect ratios. The notebooks can support up to an AMD Turion II dual-core processor and ATI Radeon HD integrated graphics.
The notebooks-the distinction between the two isn't yet clear-also offer high-definition video and DirectX 10 for running Windows 7, as well as advanced graphics features such as Aero Peek and Aero Flip, Lenovo announced. They also feature ergonomic keyboards and Lenovo Energy Management 5.0, which is said to offer several work modes for extending battery life and protecting the life of the battery by "preventing unnecessary recharges."
Also included is the OneKey Rescue System, which offers one-touch backup, recovery and repair, and VeriFace recognition software, for easy logging on.
The C315 all-in-one desktop will boast AMD Athlon dual-core processors, 4GB of memory and ATI Mobility Radeon graphics. Also included will be Lenovo's IdeaTouch suite, which includes applications such as PowerCinema, AutoCollage and VeriTouch software.
Rick Bergman, an AMD senior vice president, described the new PCs in a statement as "prime examples of how Vision Technology from AMD helps our key partners design compelling consumer products."
The G455 and G555 notebooks will be available in March, starting at $449.99, while the C315, arriving in April, will be priced at $649.99.