Lenovo Revs Up Latest Laptops with Dual Cores

Lenovo's Z series and low-cost R60 notebooks are backed by the power of Intel Core Duo chips.

With the exception of the Thinkpad X41 tablet, Lenovo is rounding up the rest of the Thinkpads and giving them Intel Core Duo updates.

The company announced May 16 that its Thinkpad Z series, including the Z61m and Z61t, as well as the budget-friendly Thinkpad R60, will receive dual-core processing power.

The Thinkpad Z61t is the more portable version of the Thinkpad Z61m, weighing under 5 pounds. The machine still maintains a 14.1-inch screen and Thinkpad keyboard and Trackpoint. Prices start at $1299.

However, the biggest improvements to the laptop come internally with the offering of an Intel Core Duo processor and 1GB of RAM.

The Z61t can now be configured with the titanium cover or the traditional Thinkpad black cover. Also new is the option for an integrated Webcam with a stereo microphone, and a choice of either WXGA or WXGA+ screens.

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