Linux Desktop Vendor Xandros Reorganizes

Xandros lets at least five employees go and adds a new CFO as it readies itself for a potential change in direction from desktops to servers.

On Oct. 18, Linux distributor Xandros was reorganized, resulting in the loss of at least five jobs and a change in chief financial officers. The company, which positions its desktop-oriented Linux distribution as an easy migration path from Windows, has never gained significant momentum in the market.

One source told that 10 employees had been cut from the small business, including staff in tech support, marketing and sales.

According to Xenia von Wedel Rosen, the firms outside public relations representative, however, Xandros actually lost five employees, and they were all from marketing. This was part of a reorganization of the company, she said.

In addition, Xandros has a new CFO, Spencer Hayman, and will be taking a new marketing direction. Sources close to the company indicate that Xandros may be switching from focusing on the Linux desktop market to servers—a growing emphasis, as well, for desktop Linux vendors Mandriva and Canonical/Ubuntu.

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