Motion Computing Launches New Tablet PC

Motion Computing's latest tablet PC provides on-the-go professionals with touch input, wireless, memory and data security capabilities.

Motion Computing announced March 26 that it has released the LE1700, its latest tablet PC that offers touch-screen, wireless and security features for mobile professionals in industries such as health care, field sales and service, government and hospitality.

The companys latest tablet PC includes the Motion WriteTouch display feature that allows on-the-go workers to be productive from the pad of a finger or a digitized pen and also enables workers to switch between the two modes with a double tap.

Support is provided for Microsofts Windows Vista operating system, which also personalizes handwriting recognition with a trainable TIP (Tablet Input Panel).

The LE1700 also features Intels Core 2 Duo technology, which increases system responsiveness when mobile workers are running several applications at the same time, and also includes mobile optimized architecture, smart memory access and digital media boost.

"The LE1700 was designed to help increase business professionals efficiency with the Intel Core 2 Duo technology, up to 4GB of 667MHz memory and the WriteTouch feature," Tony Bonadero, vice president of product management for Motion Computing, told eWEEK.

/zimages/1/28571.gifMotion Computing and Intel are carving out a spot in the health care industry. Click here to read more.

The new tablet PC provides users with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and CDMA/EvDO (Code Division Multiple Access/Evolution Data Optimized) broadband technology, giving workers access to the Internet, e-mail and network applications.

Motion Computing, of Austin, Texas, also bundles advanced security functions in the LE1700. The tablet PC comes with ComputraceComplete, an optional tracking service from Absolute Software designed to help users recover their tablet if it gets stolen or goes missing, while also enabling users to remotely delete their systems hard drive data.

For further security needs, the LE1700 also features Motions DataGuard hard drive accelerometer, which allows users to protect critical information on their hard drive and also protects the hard drive from shocks or drops by moving the drives read-and-write head to areas that do not contain data.

Also included is a TPM (Trusted Platform Module), which provides hardware-based encryption and authentication capabilities, while a fingerprint reader uses biometric data to block out unauthorized users. The LE1700s Motion Security Center provides access to the authentication and encryption applications.

"The LE1700 is another good example of Motions penchant for choosing the relevant and innovative technologies to help customers do their job better and more efficiently," Bonadero said.

The LE1700 is available for order now and will ship beginning March 30. Pricing for the LE1700 starts at $2,199.

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