Motion Computing M1400

Could the screen on this 12.1-inch slate be any more perfect?

One of our biggest complaints about tablet PCs has been their use of the same LCDs that are found in notebooks.

The problem is that these displays usually have one really bad viewing angle—the angle from keyboard to screen. Granted, youd never experience this angle from a typical notebook, but on a slate design, the flaw is noticeable, especially when youre trying to read with the screen in portrait mode.

So were happy to heap some praise on Motion Computings M1400. This is the first slate with a 12.1-inch screen to eliminate the bad viewing angle, providing crisp, colorful images no matter which way you look at the screen. Once you check out the M1400, our new Editors Choice, you wont want another model.

The M1400s design centers the LCD, placing all buttons at the bottom (or top, depending on the orientation you use). A built-in ambient-light sensor technology helps save battery life, too, making the screen only as bright as a room demands.

All the I/O ports, including Firewire and two USB 2.0 ports, are housed on one of the sides, and are recessed enough for you to stay comfortable when holding the tablet cradle-like. Bluetooth is housed inside.

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