PocketMac Add-On Secures Data on Macs

The encrypted database add-on for Macs acts as a "safety deposit box" for critical data.

Information Appliance Associates, a California-based company that develops software solutions for the Macintosh platform, announced Nov. 7 the release of PocketMac SecureNotes, add-on Mac software that allows users to store all kinds of encrypted data.

PocketMac SecureNotes is a database-driven tool that acts as a "safety deposit box" for Macintosh users.

"PocketMac SecureNotes allows Mac users to store all of their crucial data—Social Security numbers, drivers license numbers, etc.—in one secure, encrypted place," said Terence Goggin, chief technology officer of Information Appliance Associates.

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This product will benefit users because "users will now be able to pull up the personal, private data they need on a daily basis," Goggin said. "At the same time, they will be able to make sure that prying eyes will not be able to view this same data."

Goggin also told eWEEK that this product will be very secure, as the only person who will be able to retrieve and view the data is the user.

"If the user needs to access any of their important information, they have ready access, but no one else will," he said. "This product uses 448-bit encryption to make sure no data gets out of this safety deposit box."

The product will work with Macintosh OS X, versions 10.3 and 10.4, as well as with the PocketMac for BlackBerry, allowing users to put the data they would like into their BlackBerry from their Macintosh.

PocketMac SecureNotes retails for $29.95; users can purchase or download it here.

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