Printer Priorities

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Printer Priorities

Written by Deb Donston; illustrated by Brian Moore

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Printer Priorities - Security

Security was on the minds of many IT pros who eWEEK Labs asked about printers. Said one CIO, Remember, printers are inside the firewall and thus are trusted--big mistake.'

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Printer Priorities - Robo-Printer

At one site, on-board cache was replaced and a printer was turned into a device that mapped and scanned the internal network for vulnerabilities. And printers with large internal hard drives have been turned into file sharing and FTP sites for warez.

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Printer Priorities - Disk Dangers

Two IT managers brought up printer disk dangers: In many default configurations, printers cache the print jobs on the internal disk for quick reprints of a job. If the admin interface isnt secured or the cached jobs arent stored in an encrypted format,

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Printer Priorities - Printer Patch Work

Many printers, especially older high-end multifunction printers, use Windows NT. They havent been patched, which is a recipe for disaster, says one IT pro. And the vendors apparently never thought about it and made no provisions for doing so.

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Printer Priorities - Printer To-Do Queue

One IT manager offered up a host of printer priorities, including centralized printer management (management of devices and print queues); printer standardization and outsourced servicing; color printing management; confidential printing (HR, finance, exe

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Printer Priorities - Printer Futures

The future of printers? Three-dimensional printers are amazing, gushed one respondent, and the price is now down to $50,000 for color. These devices can be used to print models of prototypes for production/marketing and of full

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Printer Priorities - Your Turn

Where are printers on the IT departments priority list at your organization? Write to Deb Donston at [email protected]