Readers Respond: AMDs Opteron Pays Off

Readers respond to the eWEEK editorial, "AMD's Opteron Pays Off."

While I, too, am pleased with Advanced Micro Devices inroads in the OEM market (my last two PC purchases were AMD-based Lenovo systems), I do not view [that progress] solely as an indication of the success of AMDs platforms [Our View, "AMD Makes Strides," Aug. 21].

While it can clearly be seen as recognition of the quality, price and power savings of AMDs processors, I think that it is also a reflection of the OEMs desire (Dells, in particular) to perhaps deflect some of the arguments of the very case that AMD brought against Intel.

The industry has known the quality of AMDs processors since mid-2003, prior to the official launch of the A64 platform. To assume that only now, three-plus years later, the OEMs are "finally realizing" the quality of the platform is somewhat disingenuous.

The industry knew long before this year, and it took the lawsuit (and a few subpoenas) to "serve notice" to the OEMs that AMD was, indeed, serious this time.

Whatever the reasons for the progress AMD has made during the past 12 to 18 months … it hopefully will make for some interesting innovation and choices in the future.

Andrew Rossetti
Chief Technology Officer
The Felton Bank

I am a loyal reader of eWEEK and have been a professional technologist for 20 years, primarily at the workstation level. I am now running a consulting company for business and home users alike.

The main focus of eWEEK is the corporate environment, but I suggest publishing a few more articles on the use of technology in small businesses and the home.

IBM is focusing on services. Geek Squad grows. The need for big-picture, productivity-enhancing support seems to increase daily.

Ken Hughes
NAZTEQ Consulting