Readers Respond: The Second Time Around; Vista

Readers respond to the eWEEK editorial, "The Second Time Around," and to eWEEK's coverage of Vista.

Peter Coffees Dec. 11 Epicenters column, "The Second Time Around," [about PC vendors treating buyers as first-timers,] is without a doubt the most astute, common-sense approach I have ever read. I sure hope that some equally astute mail-order (or other) PC vendor has the good sense to read and apply this article.

Im very old-school computer, and I have watched the industry grow, much as Peter Coffee has. It saddens me to see vendors think that the public is as uneducated about the industry as they were yesterday. Theres a little computer nerd in every user now (whether vendors want to admit it or not), and these users know what they want.

Bruce M. Hoff

Your Dec. 4 cover photo of Steve Ballmer makes him look positively sinister. I understand that Mr. Ballmer is an executive in a major corporation and not a fashion model, but please try to find a picture that doesnt make him look like hes planning something diabolical. Oh, wait, that issue was about Windows Vista. Never mind.

Ray Beesch