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-Saving Chip on Tap">

Energy-Saving Chip on Tap

The chip maker is also expected to reveal a few new details about what many in the industry consider to be its most intriguing new architecture, a processor known by the code name Banias.

Scheduled for release in 2003, the low-power chip will be primarily targeted for use in mobile PCs but will also be sold for use in high-density servers known as blades.

The chip, which will be designed in part from the Pentium III core, will feature a new energy-saving architecture that will cut off power to parts of the processor when they are not in use, potentially turning components on and off thousands of times per second.

Beyond its server and PC products, Intel will tout its new XScale technology designed to provide the processing power for mobile phones and handheld computers.

Last week, Intel released the first two chips based on the architecture, the PXA250 and PXA210, which it contends will deliver richer music, movies, games and business applications than competitive offering from Texas Instruments Inc., the leader in that market segment.

Next week, Intel will also introduce a new family of chips designed to power voice, data and media networks.

Attesting to the chip makers broad industry reach, attendees at the Intel Developers Forum can choose from 23 tracks of seminars covering a wide range of hardware and software technologies. Among the subjects covered are the latest developments in designing a new input/output architecture, called 3GIO; the next-generation Serial ATA; USB 2.0; InfiniBand; Ultra-wideband RF; 802.11; optical networking; and Gigabit Ethernet.