Ricoh Adds Rights Management to ScanRouter

Ricoh boosts the security quotient of ScanRouter EX by integrating it with Adobe LiveCycle Policy Server.

Ricoh has unveiled an updated version of ScanRouter EX that adds rights management to the document and fax scanning and routing software.

ScanRouter EX, a Windows-based document distribution server, uses Ricoh-manufactured MFPs, network scanners and fax devices to deliver faxes and scanned documents as files to preprogrammed destinations like e-mail addresses, shared network folders and network printers.

Ricoh boosted the softwares security quotient, integrating Adobe LiveCycle Policy Server, a rights management software package for use with PDFs and Microsoft Word and Excel file formats, to allow users to set and reset policies at a document level and using touch-screen control panels, Ricoh said.


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Once a user has authenticated himself or herself to the MFP, and selected a destination, the device presents the list of available policies, from which the user selects using the touch-screen control panel.

"Rights management allows the user or document creator to assign pre-set policies to a document, like can be opened and viewed only once, view but not alter or print, or password protection," said Ron Albeck, manager of Capture & Distribution at Ricoh. "Using the Adobe LiveCycle server lets people reset the rights or policies applied to a document, including revoking rights, without needing to resend a fresh copy of the document."

Rights management helps protects company information, Albeck said. "With all the regulations now in effect, each company must follow policies and processes to protect data. ScanRouter EX can now ensure that these policies are enforced for each recipient or destination."

The rights management feature can be used with Ricoh-manufactured MFPs, but not scanners or fax machines, as a control panel is required. Availability of this security feature means that companies can buy a secure digital workflow system from Ricoh that integrates with the Adobe LiveCycle Policy Server, rather than needing to buy a third-party secure document routing system.

In addition, ScanRouter EX can now create and deliver files in a wider range of formats, including Searchable PDF, PNG, JPG and TIFF, and Ricoh has added a new Print Delivery feature, allowing ScanRouter EX to be used a wider array of Ricoh-manufactured devices, including network printers, scanners and MFPs.

The ScanRouter EX upgrade is available now to current users as a free download; however, MFPs may require purchase and installation of a browser module.


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