Rosetta Releases Multifunction MICR Printers

Two multifunction printers from Rosetta Technologies, featuring magnetic ink character recognition (MICR), Ethernet connectivity and a host of security features, hit the market for under $1,000.

Rosetta Technologies, a provider of magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) printers and check and Image Replacement Document (IRD) software solutions, announced the availability of the SP 3400SF and SP 3410SF multi-function MICR laser printers. They allow users to perform mission-critical functions like scanning, faxing and copying, combined with secure, high-quality printing of MICR checks.
Rosetta's multi-function MICR printers are designed to give financial institutions the ability to consolidate their devices in branch and office environments, similar to more commonly available standard multifunction printers (MFPs), but with the added functionality of printing official checks, loan checks, money orders, and other MICR documents. Rosetta said this consolidation frees counter space where room is often limited, and also reduces service calls and contract fees.
Priced at less than $1,000, the simplex SP3400SF and duplex SP3410SF, the printers include optional paper tray locks, an online dashboard that provides enterprise-wide oversight of a printer fleet, originally manufactured MICR toner and secure MICR fonts. For those concerned with security, the printers allow administrators to pre-designate permitted functionality by user, which can limit the more sensitive activities to approved users.
Access and control features include remote oversight, which allows administrators in distributed print environments to get a glimpse into the status of the printer, identify current firmware versions, and access page counts and event based alerts, which can be configured to notify users or administrators of numerous types of events. Each printer status item can be emailed, including empty toner, paper misfeeds, out of paper and more.
Both the SP 3400SF and SP 3410SF MICR MFPs print 30ppm and offer USB and Ethernet connectivity, a feature that automatically manages the fusing temperature and transfer voltage to eliminate high-speed reader/sorter issues with MICR checks and security features including a special font which is difficult to alter because of a special background and very small text & numeric print embedded in the amount line of the check.
"The introduction of the SP 3400SF MICR MFPs is a significant development in the world of branch MICR printing. The size and pricing structure make them an attractive option for banks and credit unions, and businesses in general," said Glen Fossella, vice president of sales and marketing for Rosetta Technologies. "Security is also a concern any time you are printing MICR documents. These printers allow administrators to pre-designate permitted functionality by user, which can limit the more sensitive activities to approved users."