Samsung, PTC Go in Together on New IoT Initiatives

The deal puts to work PTC's integration and consulting talent alongside its ThingWorx Industrial Innovation Platform and Samsung's ARTIK Smart IoT Platform.


Samsung Electronics is widely known for smartphones, televisions, washing machines and other consumer-oriented IT products. But lately it’s been putting a lot of investment into IT greenfields, including the internet of things.

The huge South Korea-based conglomerate on Feb. 26 announced a new partnership with Boston-based PTC that it says will enable industrial IoT customers to get to market faster with smart, secure, connected products and services that improve operational efficiency.

The deal puts to work PTC's integration and consulting talent alongside PTC's ThingWorx Industrial Innovation Platform and Samsung's ARTIK Smart IoT Platform.  

PTC, for Parametric Technology Corp., provides management solutions for how applications and other products are created and serviced.

The partnership will bring the two companies closely together to meet the needs of industrial customers and enable manufacturers and systems integrators to implement IoT projects faster, with less risk and with higher return on investment, Samsung said.

The company made the announcement at Embedded World 2018 in Nuremberg, Germany.

Samsung said its ARTIK  IoT Platform with SmartThings Cloud provides production-ready hardware, software and tools, together with integrated cloud services to enable companies to develop secure IoT products and services. Through the partnership with PTC, the company said, ARTIK users will be able to develop and deploy data-driven applications even faster.

PTC customers will be able to use ThingWorx Ready-certified IoT components and services from Samsung ARTIK for connectivity, device management and integrated security.

“Industrial IoT implementations can be difficult and solutions often fail because they depend on many separately developed components to work together. The solutions are complex, expensive to install, and require expertise for critical functions such as security,” Samsung’s James Stansberry, Senior Vice President and General Manager of ARTIK IoT, said.

“We’re addressing these barriers for industrial customers--both OEMs and manufacturers. We’re simplifying access to critical asset analytics, pre-integrating components, lowering the cost and expertise required to get started, and reducing time to market.”

One of the first initiatives of this partnership, Stansberry said, is an end-to-end asset monitoring evaluation kit, integrating Shoreline’s ARTIK-based hardware, ARTIK cloud services, and PTC’s ThingWorx platform. The company claims this fully-tested hardware and software package connects legacy or new physical assets and allows companies to get data flowing into real-time  IoT applications.

The kit includes Shoreline’s iCast 2 cloud-configurable IoT Bridge for asset connectivity, ARTIK’s cloud services platform for secure device management services, and pre-installed ThingWorx Connectivity software on the iCast to connect to ThingWorx tools to rapidly develop and deploy scalable and secure industrial IoT applications and AR experiences.

The new solution is being demonstrated at ARTIK’s booth at Embedded World, which continues though this week. The evaluation kit is available now. For more information, go here.

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