Samsung to Show New Chromebook Code-Named 'Nautilus' at CES: Reports

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Samsung to Show New Chromebook Code-Named 'Nautilus' at CES: Reports

Samsung helped to win new converts to lightweight notebooks running Google's Chrome OS with the Chromebook Plus and Chromebook Pro in 2017. This year according to media reports Samsung is preparing a new a new Chromebook model code-named "Nautilus" that will come with a variety of high-end features including Intel's Kaby Lake processor with its 3D graphics and 4K video processing capabilities. Furthermore the reports say that Samsung will introduce this new Chromebook at CES 2018 in Las Vegas the week of Jan. 8. If the media reports about the Samsung Nautilus pan out it could prove to be the most powerful and most appealing Chromebook Samsung has ever released. Here’s why.

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Nautilus Will Be a Hybrid Notebook-Tablet

According to several reports, Samsung’s next Chromebook, codenamed Nautilus, will be a hybrid that can be used as a tablet and notebook. It’s unclear whether the Nautilus will have a detachable screen or will be a convertible that will employ a hinge to swivel the screen from a notebook to a tablet form. The Samsung Chromebook Plus and Chromebook Pro are convertibles with a 360-degree hinge, which suggests Nautilus will include the same feature.

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Some Screen Questions

All signs are pointing to Samsung using a touch screen in the Nautilus. There’s a good chance that the Chromebook will come with a high-resolution, 13-inche screen, if previous Samsung Chromebook releases are any indication.

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Expect the Kaby Lake Processor

A report in October said that Samsung will equip its latest Chromebook with Intel’s Kaby Lake processors. Important details on clock speeds and versions haven't been disclosed, but it seems clear that Samsung is planning high-end performance that should put the Nautilus in direct competition with midrange Windows notebooks.

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Sony’s IMX Camera Sensor Will Be Inside

Samsung will rely on the same Sony IMX camera sensor LG and Essential bundled in their G6 and Essential Phone mobile handsets, respectively. That feature will allow Nautilus owners to capture video in 4K and snap photos in high resolution. It’s a feature not often seen in Chromebooks and could be a differentiator for Samsung’s Chromebook.

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It Will Support the S Pen Stylus, Naturally

Like the Chromebook Plus and Chromebook Pro, Samsung is said to be planning to bundle its S Pen stylus with the Nautilus. The feature will let users digitally write on the screen, annotate PDFs, and perform other functions that should appeal to power and enterprise users, alike.

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Nautilus to Ride Wave of Chrome OS Adoption

Chrome OS has won converts in classrooms and its gaining momentum in businesses as well. Samsung is counting on the rising tide of Chrome OS adoption to drive strong sales of its new Nautilus Chromebook. Like other recent Chromebooks, the computer will reportedly support Android apps available in Google Play.

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Samsung Apps Inside?

Samsung is notorious for bundling its own software with its computers. Since the Nautilus is expected to be a high-end device, it’ll likely do the same this time around. So it's likely that Nautilus will come with home-grown Samsung software, such as note-taking apps or games, whether or not buyers are interested in them.

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How Many Ports Will It have?

There’s a good chance that the Chromebook Plus will come with at least one USB-C port to allow for fast charging and data transfers, but that might not be all. There’s a chance that Samsung could offer more USB ports in the device to support additional peripherals. Adding an HDMI port could help the computer attract more power users. And unlike Apple, Samsung has yet to turn its back on the headphone jack.

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Portability Will Be Paramount

Samsung’s Chromebooks have always been among the more portable machines on the market and that shouldn’t change with Nautilus. Samsung last year promoted the portability of last year's Chromebook Plus with its .5-inch thickness and weight of 2.3 pounds. Each year, Samsung tries to make its computers thinner and lighter than previous models. It might do it again with Nautilus. 

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Pricing and Availability, Anyone?

Arguably the biggest question mark surrounding the Samsung Nautilus is its price. If the computer is a high-end machine it could it go on sale for around $1,000 like Google’s powerhouse Pixelbook. But its likely price point is unknown. Samsung will reportedly showcase the device at CES, but possible ship dates haven't been disclosed.

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