Saving Space for Students and Nurses

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Saving Space for Students and Nurses

Lenovo says the ThinkCentre Edge 62z's 18.5-inch LCD screen is suitable for the tight spaces of nursing stations and school computer labs. The 18.5-inch LCD could save more than 65 percent of the space a 20-inch monitor would take up, according to the company.

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Mounting the ThinkCentre on a Wall

A built-in mount allows users to hang the PC on the wall in a patient exam room or classroom, adding more space flexibility for clinicians, teachers and students. By being placed on a wall, the unit could help bring easier collaboration between doctors and patients and more interactive lessons in the classroom.

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USB Ports Can Connect Medical Devices

With six USB 2.0 ports, a ThinkCentre Edge 62z in an exam room can connect not only a keyboard or mouse but also medical devices such as blood pressure monitors, scales, pulse oximeters and glucose meters.

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Intel HD Graphics Enhance Visuals for a Hospital

The Lenovo PC offers integrated Intel HD graphics to allow clinicians in a hospital to view electronic health records (EHRs) and radiology images, and students to view learning materials.

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Ivy Bridge CPU Speeds Health Care Data Analysis

The ThinkCentre Edge 62z offers a third-generation Intel Core i3 CPU. Known as Ivy Bridge, this CPU series can increase the speed of health care imaging and connectivity, according to the chip maker.

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ThinkCentre Edge Offers Facial Recognition and Auto Lockdown

The ThinkCentre Edge features a ThinkVantage Automatic Lock Utility, which can detect human presence through facial recognition. Allowing hospital IT departments to lock down PCs can protect sensitive patient data. Lenovo offers this software, depending on the OS and region.

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An Energy-Efficient Edge PC

Lenovo says the ThinkCentre Edge 62z complies with Energy Star 5 and consumes less than half a watt of electricity when powered off.

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ThinkCentre Edge 62z Runs Windows 7 out of the Box

The ThinkCentre Edge 62z comes with Windows 7 preloaded because the PC lacks the touch-screen capabilities of Windows 8, according to Lenovo. Customers can upgrade to the latest OS using the included Windows 8 DVD or license, however.

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Webcam Enables Remote Telehealth Sessions

The optional 1-megapixel Webcam and microphone along with preloaded Skype software on the ThinkCentre could allow doctors and patients to collaborate remotely. Skype is particularly used for psychotherapy. Lenovo's ThinkVantage Communication Utility helps users adjust camera, microphone and audio settings for video and voice.

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Wireless Connects Clinicians to EHRs, Medical Devices

The ThinkCentre Edge 62z offers optional Bluetooth to connect data from patients' medical devices to doctors' EHR platforms and WiFi to access medical records wirelessly.

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