Selecting a Small Business Startup Desktop

Review: Going out on your own is never easy. One of these desktop computers can help. (

While June is traditionally the time that grads think about what to do next, summer days also bring out the "what if" questions in dads minds across the country: "What if I went into business for myself?"

To that end Ive picked out a few desktops, and a handy backup tool, perfect for the person sick of the corporate world who wants to hang up a shingle or open up shop.

Whether you work in law, medicine, food, billing or plumbing, you need a simple PC without all the bells and whistles found on typical consumer PCs.

/zimages/2/28571.gifLenovo aims to be a best buy for SMBs (small and midsize businesses). Click here to read more.

Though it may be fun, you dont need Intels Viiv enhancements or Windows XP Media Center Edition in a small business PC.

Other stuff, like pre-loaded games and multimedia software, only bloats an already crowded hard drive.

Ideal business PCs like the Dell OptiPlex GX620 and Lenovo 3000 J105 come clean, without these extras that youd probably uninstall anyway.

You need a simple, easy-to-use PC that will get the work done, so features like integrated graphics should be fine (though you may want to get a PC with a PCIe X16 expansion slot if you ever think youre going to work in the graphics arts field).

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